Justin Original Workboots

Justin WorkBoots Technology

Kinetic Management Technology
Kinetic Management Technology delivers dynamic support and responds to your movements as you walk, while providing stability and comfort when you're standing still.
Metguard with PORON® XRD™
MetGuard uses PORON® XRD™ Extreme Impact Protection to shield the top of your foot from painful, debilitating injuries.
Handcrafted in the USA
A wide selection of styles still handcrafted right here in the USA
GORE-TEX® membrane with durable knit backer seals out water but releases perspiration.
J-Max® Double Comfort®
The NEW J-Max® Double Comfort® System is our classic Double Comfort® System packed with new technology.
The OrthoLite® insert provides lightweight breathable comfort that doesn't fade over time.
Justin Jelâ„¢ Comfort
Talk about walking on air - or in this case, super soft cushioning gel - Justin Jel™ inserts are the ultimate in comfort technology.
Justin Stabilization Technology®
Justin's Foot Stabilization insert technology uses dual density medical memory foam to stabilize the foot while still allowing it to move as needed.
Snake Guard
Snake Guard with Emtexglobal technology offers rugged outdoor puncture protection.
Justin Ultrathoticâ„¢
The Ultrathotic is a removable, moisture-wicking polyurethane cushion designed for all-day, shock-absorbing comfort.
Tec Tuff®
TecTuff is high-performance leather specially treated to offer exceptional abrasion and stain resistance.
3Mâ„¢ Thinsulate Ultra Insulation
In cold work environments, Thinsulate™ Ultra keeps your feet warm without sacrificing flexibility.
Superior technology keeps your feet cool and dry.
Waterproof boots are pretty much a necessity when your job calls for working outside in the rain, mud and muck. Our waterproof leathers make sure your feet stay dry no matter what the conditions.
Steel Toe
When it comes to foot protection, nothing beats the effectiveness of steel toe boots.
Composition Safety Toe
Finally, a toe that meets safety standards without weighing you down.
Electrical Hazard
For those working in environments where the chance of exposure to electrical currents is high, electrical hazard boots are the way to go.
Aluminum Safety Toe
Aluminum toes offer lighter-weight protection while still meeting or exceeding ASTM standards for impact and compression.
Achilles Relief System®
This complete back-of-the-heel system offers flexibility, support and breathability to eliminate weak spots in foot comfort.
Double Comfortâ„¢
At the heart of the Double Comfort® system is the revolutionary new orthotic insert working directly with the Orthotic Texon®/Poron® Insole
J-Flex® Flexible Comfort
The patented J-Flex Flexible Comfort System® helps make Justin Boots the most comfortable boots you’ll ever own.
Puncture-Resisting Insole
An ASTM and CSA-rated textile insole protecting your feet from pointed objects more effectively and more comfortably than a steel plate.
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